Thursday, October 18, 2012

Thursday, October 18

We survived our first night back in the hospital. After another fetal echo yesterday, the cardiologist determined that Rowan is still tolerating the SVT well, but her heart rate is continuously in the 200s. She hasn't started accumulating fluid, but it is only a matter of time...

I was admitted to Labor and Delivery last night for monitoring before I was given my first dose of flecanide. My ECG, electrolytes and digoxin levels all came out normal (oh how I love having blood drawn). We requested to be moved to the Women's Special Care unit across the hall, as it is infinitely less stressful and much quieter. I'm only being monitored every four hours—my vitals and the baby's heart rate—and will be getting daily ECGs to make sure this medicine isn't affecting my heart too. Again, I am so thankful that I am healthy enough to take the medication for Rowan.

We go back in to the cardiologist tomorrow to see if there is any change in the baby's condition. If Rowan hasn't started to respond to the medication, we will increase the dosage of flecanide... and then again on Sunday if it comes to that. And if she starts to accumulate too much fluid and we aren't successful with the drug treatment, then we will discuss delivery. But at this point, I am 32 weeks (and will probably be over 33 weeks when this needs to be discussed) and her outcome is much better than it would have been during our first hospitalization. The good news is that everyone wants to keep her inside for as long as possible.

I am trying to remain in good spirits. Yesterday was rough. I cried way too much. But today, I'm going to stay distracted and try to get a little work done. More soon.

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H. said...

:( stay strong girl - love you and lil R