Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Back to the hospital

I went in to my midwife this morning for another routine checkup. I haven't been feeling all that great for the last few days (nauseous, tired, achy), but nothing too out of the ordinary. My vitals were fine. But the baby is back into SVT. We weren't able to get her heart rate because it was so high.

So Brady came home from work and now we're driving back to SLC for a cardiology appointment this afternoon. If the baby is stable and hasn't developed too much fluid anywhere, we will start a new drug, flecanide, and I will be admitted to the hospital again for monitoring. If there is fluid buildup/other complications, I will most likely have to deliver.

Ella will be staying with friends for a few days and my mom will be coming down once we know a bit more...

Think happy thoughts. Please.