Tuesday, October 09, 2012

30.5 Weeks

I had yet another checkup this morning—more for me than the baby this time. I am still measuring on schedule and am seemingly healthy. I haven't gained weight since August—I'm at a total of 13 pounds, but the doctor doesn't seem concerned as the baby is growing just fine. I still throw up every morning (though I had to mark my calendar that I didn't puke on Thursday, October 4th—woohoo!), but my body seems to have gotten used to the digoxin so I'm not so nauseous for the remainder of the day.

I will continue to go in to the OB/midwife weekly until I'm 33/34 weeks. Then it will be twice a week until I transfer care in SLC after Thanksgiving. Crossing my fingers that nothing goes wrong with me in the meantime...

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