Monday, January 07, 2013


We returned home on Thursday afternoon and have been trying to get back to normal ever since. Rowan is doing really well. She's still on the 24-hour monitor, which has picked up a few episodes of SVT (high heart rate) that were resolved on their own (each between a few seconds and a few minutes long.) But she's eating well and sleeping for 3-4 hours stretches between feedings at night.

Today I am taking her to her 2-3 week pediatrician appointment with Ella's doctor. The main goal is to make sure she's gaining weight, as we will have to increase her medication (digoxin 2x/day) as she grows. Then we have another cardiology appointment on February 14 in Pocatello. Fortunately, one of the doctors from PCMC comes up this way once a month so we will only have a 45-50 minute drive instead of 3+ hours. I'm just hoping we don't need to go beforehand.

Ella started back to school today, and Brady is back at work after over a month away. So it's incredibly quiet here. I may even get a nap today... or perhaps sometime this week :-)

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