Sunday, December 30, 2012


We have just been transferred back to a regular room after a day and a half in the cardiac ICU. Rowan is doing great right now and we're still hoping to go home in the next few days.

After Rowan was admitted to the ICU, she was given another dose of adenisone... which didn't work. Then she was put on procainamide along with her digoxin. And that didn't work. So after about eight hours, they let all of the medications wear off and she converted back to a normal heart rate on her own. Afterwards, she was put on one dose amiodarone. And since then, she has been in a normal rate with only short bursts of SVT (a few minutes), which she comes out of on her own.

So... lots of medication. And hours of scariness.

I was given a bed last night and the nurse fed Rowan with my stockpile of pumped breast milk. I was able to sleep for almost six hours, which makes it so much easier to handle all of this. I have been an absolute wreck. But things are looking up and we have to remain optimistic. It's going to be tough and there will be more scary moments, but for now Rowan is thriving despite it all. And we have to be thankful for that.

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H. said...

uffdah ... It's hard to know what to say .. I am thinking of you and Rowan !!