Sunday, September 02, 2012

Happy Anniversary

Twelve years ago today, Brady and I were married! A year ago, we celebrated in Maui. This year, we're celebrating in the hospital. I'm hoping that for our special day, this baby girl will convert to a normal heart rate. Not much has changed here. Her heart rate is still really high and every ultrasound has shown no change (which is good, for now).

I was moved to a different section in the hospital (just down the hall)—Women's Special Care. I was able to get my IV out and am only having periodic monitoring, rather than constant. But that may be short-lived. I will most likely be given another medication today (sotalol) in addition to the digoxin, as it doesn't seem to be affecting the baby's heart rate. It is affecting me a bit. I'm rather tired and get dizzy from time to time, but am otherwise ok. I was given permission to take walks for the last few days, but now I'm only able to take wheelchair rides... ugh!

More than anything, this has been emotionally challenging. I was told that this could take quite some time. I'm not losing hope, but the longer this takes, the more potential for damage/heart failure for the baby. Let's just say that I am incredibly scared. And unprepared for what this may mean.

My dad is coming down from Thompson Falls to be with Ella tomorrow, as she starts first grade this week. I'm hoping we'll be home in time for her sixth birthday on Friday. I miss that little girl like crazy. I haven't talked to her in a few days—it just makes me cry :-( But she lost tooth #2 yesterday and it looks like she's having lots of fun without us. If you see Ella, give her a hug for me :-)

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jsc said...

happy anniversary, amber and brady! XOOxOOxoxOXO! sending good vibes to you, hubby, ella and the babe--keep thinking positive thoughts, i'm doing the same! i love you!