Thursday, September 13, 2012

Good News?

We had our fetal echo today at noon, after over 24 hours off of the medication (sotalol.) Rowan's heart did not go back into SVT and was beating at a normal rate. Her rhythm is still a bit strange, but it's closer to normal. And the function is even better than it was yesterday. Long story short, I didn't need to be admitted to the hospital today. Instead, I was given a prescription for digoxin (the first medication we tried) in an attempt to give Rowan a better chance to avoid going into SVT.

We have another appointment/echo tomorrow morning at 8am. If Rowan continues to have a normal rate, then we will be sent home. If she has gone back into SVT, we will be adding the flecanide and I will need to be admitted to the hospital for monitoring. In any case, we know that the baby is improving. And that is great news for us. We just need to continue the positive trend :-)

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