Thursday, August 30, 2012

Day Two

We survived the first dose of digoxin, but it hasn't affected the baby's heartbeat, which is consistently between 225 and 240 bpm. I will be getting my second IV dose this morning and then I'll have to get another EKG to make sure it isn't affecting my heart. We'll also be getting periodic ultrasounds on the baby's heart to make sure that fluid isn't building up anywhere.

Brady and I are also meeting with a neonatologist today to discuss our options should we continue to be unsuccessful in our attempts at lowering the heart rate. Our worst case scenario is having to deliver this baby between 25-26 weeks, which would not be good. So continue to think really happy, slow calming thoughts. More soon.

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jsc said...

i love you, amber! and am sending you positive, calming, soothing serenades. big love! xoOxoXXooXOoxo!