Monday, November 17, 2008

Home again, home again

Cleaning up after herself... sort of.
Ella + Cousin Ben.
Ella saying goodbye to Uncle Andrew.
Ella + Andrew :-)
Fun with reusable bags...

We're finally back from a week and a half in Montana. It feels good to be home, but we already miss everyone. It was great to visit family and to relax (a little). Brady is in San Diego for work and doesn't return until next week (he's been gone since the 6th). It's a little lonely here without him, but we're keeping busy.

I realize I haven't written much in the last few months. Life has not slowed down one bit, even after the move. We're settled in our new(ish) house and really like it. It's been quite the adjustment from cramped urban life to our more spacious rural abode. I miss the city (lots and lots, really) and feel a little isolated out here on the peninsula. But... we're still very close to Seattle... and Portland, and Victoria, and... We just need to go visit!

Ella is becoming quite the little lady. I am not implying that she is at all ladylike. She's just growing up so quickly. She talks nonstop and seems to understand everything that is going on around her. Ella loves to sing (especially in the car) and dance and run and tell us what to do. She's absolutely exhausting and wonderful!

More soon...


jsc said...

absolute sweetness, absolute mischief, absolute wonder. you're both absolutely amazing! miss you tons and tons! love you tons and tons, more!

wayne and marilyn said...

talked to you pa on his birthday and he said she is incredable intelligent. maybe those wern't his exact words

H.P.S. said...

Love the way she's rockin that tote- too cute! Glad you are back (to blogging) : )