Thursday, June 19, 2008


Everybody must be thinking, "How many times can she possibly write about everything being crazy/busy?" Well, at least one more time. Cuz it is. :-)

Our house is finally up on the market (has been for almost two weeks). We've had a handful of people come by to take a look. And I totally underestimated how difficult it is to continue to keep our house clean and tidy (especially with Ella!). It takes some time. If any of you are interested in taking a look at the house... there's a virtual tour here >

We're headed out to Seattle/Bremerton in a few weeks for a house hunting trip. We have LOTS of properties to look at, thanks to a great Realtor we have out there... and the Internet! We'll be there from June 30—July 9th. The goal is to decide on a house, put a contract on it and hopefully close on the house in that time. A little ambitious, I know, but we've done it before :-)

Then, we'll be making the cross-country trek starting around August 8th and Brady starts work on the 18th. Whew!

In the meantime, we're all still working like mad and enjoying our chatty little girl. Ella is talking nonstop and we're finally able to understand almost everything she says. Most of the time it's "i want... blanket, fire (pacifier), bear, banana, waffle, elmo, etc." She's still polite and says "please" and "thank you", but definitely has a mind of her own. Things go much more smoothly if we can convince her that it was her idea :-)

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jsc said...

no. 309 looks fabulous! FABULOUS! i'm excited for you to make a new home in washington state!