Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Pushing Buttons

Ok, so I'm walking outside of the gym today... and a woman from class (Sports Circuit on Tuesdays—woohoo!) is about to cross the road. She stops and says, "Oh. I didn't know you had children." To which I respond, "Yep. Just this one." And she replies, "You just don't look like the kid type." Me: "I guess I am now!"

What does that mean???????????? And how does one respond to such a comment? You don't look like the kid type... Here's a hint, lady: next time use some tact and either come up with something less ambiguous/offensive or keep your mouth shut! Just my two cents :-)


H.P.S. said...

Maybe she meant you don't look 29 yet ... ? That's a weird thing to say fo sho.

Jennifer said...

how rude, I agree with Heidi though. She may not have thought that you were "old enough" yet. Or she was just ballsy and should shut her mouth!!!

Gretchen and Wessley Haynes said...
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