Tuesday, April 24, 2007


I recently purchased a used jogging stroller for Ella and am finally using it. This morning we went for a half an hour run and boy, am I tired. It is so much more work running zombie-like, with my arms stretched out in front, pushing 25+ pounds (stroller + ella). A little goes a long way, I guess. My hope is to replace our morning walk with a morning run on most days of the week. Ella seems to like going fast and I'm going to like getting back to my old self... someday.

The weather has turned from winter to summer in only a few days and we have discovered that Ella absolutely despises the heat (just like her mom!). The times we have gone out, we dress her in practically nothing and try to keep her in the shade. But the whole time she has a pissed-off-at-the-world look about her, which shows in the scowl on her face and the slump in her shoulders. She didn't crack one smile. Not even a little one. Not for anyone. It is going to be a long summer...

Luckily, we're off to Montana on Saturday!

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