Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Finding humor in the mess

Yesterday was Brady's big office party. The whole building was shut down for business and families swarmed to the food and festivities. The party was a potluck, with each section assigned to bring different dishes. Somehow, we were in charge of meat... So, Monday night, I had the (dis)pleasure of making 10 pounds of chicken wings. And I can tell you, it takes A LOT of dead chickens to make 10 pounds of wings. Am I ever glad that I am still vegetarian... and if I wasn't, I'm sure I would have been after marinating and baking such an abundance of disembodied arms... I'm just glad I wasn't in charge of cooking the whole pig (yes folks, there was an entire pig at the feast).

I got Ella all dressed up in the cutest little dress (a hand-me-down from Lola and Live - THANKS!). She was doing well with all the people, despite being tired... Ella's quite the socialite, just like her dad. But she got hungry, so I stepped away from the action and fed her. After that, she was all smiles. But once I decided to go back in and mingle, Ella thought she would make a mess of her little frock... A BIG MESS. She just let 'er rip - worse than I have ever seen... and I have cleaned up my share of blowouts. Boy, does this girl have timing.

I took her back to Brady's cubical and started to change her. At first, I thought I had it under control. Then, Ella decided she had some more in there... once I got her diaper off. All I could do was laugh, and laugh some more. I just couldn't believe that this cute little creature could be so disgusting. She was quite pleased with herself, too. Luckily, I had an extra change of clothes. After a half a bag of wipes and a clean diaper, Ella was as good as new and ready to charm anyone in sight.

That's my girl. :-)

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