Friday, September 29, 2006

Feeding Frenzy

This kid just doesn't stop eating. It started a few days ago - she seems to want to eat all the time. So I've started pumping - a very odd experience that deserves its own blog entry, which I will try to get to shortly. I guess little Ella is growing... and getting cuter by the minute - which is a good thing, since now she's figured out how to scream bloody murder several times a day. I'm not too fond of her new crying abilities. It just breaks my heart to have to look at those crocodile tears and not be able to console her.

Brady is going out of town Sunday morning (for work) and won't be back until Friday. I'm a bit nervous to have to be alone with Ella for nearly a week. I have no problem taking care of her during the day, but nighttime is rather trying. She's a crabbypants after 9 and it wears me out... Oh, but she's so cute :-)

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