Thursday, August 24, 2006

What's the verdict?

I went in again for another appointment yesterday and it was so much more productive! My appointment was with the nurse I was seeing for the first 26 weeks of pregnancy - before all of the preterm labor/placenta nonsense. The determination? I am 1 cm dilated and Ella's head is fully engaged - which is probably why I haven't been feeling so great. Nothing unbearable, I'm just not comfortable most of the time. Anyway, the nurse was going to talk to some drs this morning and get back to me with an actual decision on how we should proceed. I finally have some kind of answer - I'm going in for yet another ultrasound... in about an hour. This time, it will be transvaginal (look it up, I'm not going to elaborate) and should give them a better idea of how close the placenta really is. They're stepping things up a bit, because it seems I may be in the early stages of labor and I most likely won't make it until my next appointment (Tuesday).

Hopefully I'll be able to let you know it goes.

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