Monday, August 21, 2006

Ode to Good Stuff

Almost there, but these last few weeks have gone sooooo slow. Before I pop this baby out, I wanted to mention some of the things I found comforting and/or useful throughout my pregnancy. Not sure if they'll help any of you out (especially if you're not pregnant), but here they are...

Tofurky Jurky - Peppered
This is fake meat at its best. Salty and chewy with lots of protein.

Fresh fruit
I haven't been able to get enough pineapple, peaches, berries, and red grapefruit.

Wallaby Yogurt
Creamy yogurt with no gelatin - that comes in lots of good flavors.

Java Green
The BEST vegan restaurant in DC.

Really good food, but the Turkish Coffee Chocolate dessert is the best.

American Apparel
Most of my maternity wardrobe has come from American Apparel. Though they don't have a maternity line, I have found that just ordering one size up has been great. Everything is really comfortable and comes in lotsa colors. I highly recommend the U-Neck tanks (xtra long), the California hoodies, and the Fine Jersey Drape skirt.

Liz Lange for Target
Cheap maternity clothes. I bought three pairs of the gauchos and have almost worn them out!

Bare Minerals Foundation
I'm not much of a foundation kind of gal, but since I got pregnant I have noticed I have lots more freckles and my skin is a bit blotchy. This stuff is light, easy to use, and doesn't make you look like Tammy Faye Bakker.

Lush Massage Bars
I have been rubbing these on my belly every morning and night for months now. They're solid and melt on your skin, leaving you a bit greasy, but smelling good. I recommend the Mange Too and Each Peach.

Tutti Dolci Sugar Scrub
I bought three jars of this on super sale (75% off) at Bath & Body Works. Unfortunately, they don't sell it any more :-(

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