Thursday, August 17, 2006

Like a Bag of Potatoes

I was walking yesterday and started feeling significant pressure in my lower back/pubic bone/cervix area. It was pretty uncomfortable to walk, but I made it back home ok. The pressure is still there today, so I'm thinking that little Ella may have dropped. Just when I was getting used to having her jammed up into my ribs... I hope this means she's coming in the next few weeks. I'm anxious to see her!


Anonymous said...

Oh, Amber....this is all sooooo exciting! I just loved the liddle pink shoes! I used to tell people that the reason I had Rachel was to buy cute little Nikes, as they weren't available for my first two kiddos.

You will be a very happy mommy when you get to hold little Ella & nuzzle face to face....neither you nor Brady will be able to keep your lips off her!

Thinking of you every day, sending all good vibes & waiting for the big day.

What you need is a Chinese Medicine doc.....they know all sorts of things that Westerners don't seem to think of.

Sending you love!
A. Susan

Anonymous said...


The nesting instinct! I predict that this little girl....stubborn, maybe?....will be arriving soon.

Yay! 9-6-06 is a good birthdate.

sending happy little bluebirds your way! chirp, chirp, chirp!

a. susan