Monday, July 10, 2006


My baby shower was this Saturday at the old Haynes house - now Gabe + Mandy's. Thanks to everyone who made it... and to Heidi and Mandy for organizing everything and providing us with yummy food. Ella received lots of fun stuff - she'll be the best dressed kid on the block. Thanks to everyone for thinking of us :-)

My brother Andrew and his girlfriend Lisa were in town, so they were here for the festivities, as well. They flew in last Monday night and were here for the 4th. We had a fun-filled week, but now I have to take them to the airport. I'm sad to see them go - it's been nice to have them here... especially since Brady's been out of town since Thursday for his 10-year high school reunion. Tomorrow is my big day - I go to the Dr.'s to see what they're going to do with me... I'll let you know soon.

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