Friday, June 30, 2006

Shameless Consumerism

I finally made a baby purchase after my Dr. appt. this morning. I went all out and bought... 3 onesies! That $8 was really burning a hole in my pocket.

I have been receiving lots of inquiries about what I've got, what I need, will I be having a shower... The answers (in order) are: nothing, everything, and next Saturday @ Gabe + Mandy's (the old Haynes house). So, I thought it might be nice (more for me, really) to share all of my registry information on the blog. It's easier than individual emails and then I know everyone has it. Here goes (warning - I registered at LOTS of places):

The basics - large and small

Storage, nursing, etc.

Pur Bebe
Organic baby wear and accessories

Pottery Barn Kids
Storage only - they're way too expensive!

Our Green House
Organic and eco-friendly stuff. Yes, I really do care about that stuff...

Happy Shopping :-)

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Dana Nadarski said...

Hello M,
I am the owner of PUR BÉBÉ, one of the stores you listed for your friends and family to shop at for your new baby.

I would like to offer your friends and family 10% off their purchase. They can use discount code FPD10 at checkout to receive their savings.

We also offer FREE gift wrapping if they are interested.

If they have any questions, they can contact me at or 1-877-850-3313.

Dana Nadarski