Tuesday, May 09, 2006


You asked for it... well, some of you did, anyway. Here are a few photos that show off my new curvy physique. They're from an outing a few weeks ago - it was such a beautiful day! First, we went to the National Gallery to the Dada exhibit (very cool), and then walked around the Mall (Smithsonian, no shopping) and just hung out for a while. Afterwards, we went to dinner at our friends' (Dave + Carla) - very good and even better because I didn't have to cook.

You may notice that I'm starting to look pregnant - and not just in my belly. Yes, my boobs are huge... or as Brady likes to call them "fantastically gigantic"... I just think they're ridiculous. They make me feel like a fat man in a little coat every time I get dressed...

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