Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Fun Stuff

I recently made my first baby purchase... two children's books by Italian designer Bruno Munari (see photo). It's never too early to develop an appreciation for nice design... :-)

For these last 23 weeks, I haven't gone into a single baby store. I haven't been tempted to buy anything for her and I'm kind of avoiding having to make any purchases until I absolutely have to. I like to think things through... I'm not an impulse buyer. However, I have been getting lots of questions about the nursery... Well, the answer to all of the questions is this: we're not having a nursery. The guest room will be used for guests. Since our little girl is more of a permanent resident, she doesn't qualify. Instead, we'll be putting a crib in our room - at least until we move next year. Hopefully then we can get a real house (no more condo fees!) and have a room to ourselves.

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