Friday, April 07, 2006

Mad Cow Disease

I always told myself that I could handle this pregnancy thing - no sweat. Well, now that the puking is (almost) over, I've ventured into a new realm of uncontrollable urges. Not only have I had to surrender my body, but now my mind is going as well. I have never been so irrational in all of my life! Take the worst case of PMS ever, multiply it by a thousand and extend it over weeks at a time. That's what the second trimester is like. I cry at commercials, forget my thoughts in mid-sentence, and am absolutely sure that every stranger that looks at me thinks I'm fat. It's ridiculous... comical really. I have to keep telling myself that it's only temporary. Poor Brady. I really feel sorry for him right now. I'm trying to keep this under control now that I've figured out that my hormones have gotten the better of me. If not for my sake, then for Brady's.

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