Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Back to Work

Well, I survived the whirlwind weekend + that was the FR 2006 retreat. After a grueling day of flying on Friday, I went straight to bed in my cozy (but rather cold) all-pink room at the Rose Garden Inn. Saturday was beautiful - hiking in Muir Woods, followed by lunch and exploring in SF's Mission district. We were even able to get a little shopping in - I bought a dress and two shirts (exciting!) that should grow with my expanding waistline (no, I still haven't gained any weight - but hopefully soon!).

Sunday was an official work day... after which, I experienced the most violent vomiting of my entire pregnancy. Though not nearly as disgusting as regurgitated Thai food (spicy on the intake and equally as spicy on the way out), the falafel, pita, and baklava combo was no laughing matter. After a half an hour of painful convulsions, I was left feeling rather sore and tired...

On Monday, we all toured sustainable businesses (people making a difference for the environment and society). It was rather cool, but a very long day. We ended it with a tour of Clif Bar. What a cool place to work - a gym, dance classes, hair salon and a baby room (yeah!). At the end of the tour, we were encouraged to take copious amounts of every type of product Clif Bar makes. I could barely fit all of the goods in my backpack. I love freebies!

Tuesday, we spent the whole day flying back and I learned a really important lesson. Avoid Southwest Airlines at all costs. It is never a good idea, even if it is cheaper. Make a note of it.

Now I'm back at work - not so fun, but I am really glad to be home and have Brady by my side.

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