Monday, March 27, 2006

16+ Weeks... and all is well

I went to my 16-week appointment on Friday and all is well. I finally gained some weight - a total of 6 pounds for the whole pregnancy and lots more to come. I heard the baby's heartbeat and the Dr. confirmed that I have a mover and a shaker. She was a bit surprised that I was able to feel so much movement this early in the pregnancy, but attributed it to me being "skinny". That's not exactly how I'd describe myself, but any pregnant lady has to take that one as a compliment. I was also given a prescription for all of my nausea and vomiting (it just doesn't seem to want to go away). I'm not sure if it's working yet, but I sure can sleep through the night now (not counting the 5 times I have to get up and go to the bathroom)...

I also had some blood taken for genetic testing and will have the results in a few weeks. It was, by far, the easiest blood drawing experience I have ever had. No queasiness or fainting! Maybe all of labor/birthing shows on Discovery Health are paying off.

I don't go back again until my April 24 ultrasound - then we'll finally find out if this is a little Brady or an Amber. I'll keep you posted.

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+LUP3 said...

I got $20 bucks on it being a little amber... :)