Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Brady loves to play games. Scrabble, Yahtzee, poker, Risk, crossword puzzles... you name it. While I share his enthusiasm for such opportunities for entertainment, I do not possess his stamina. He can play games for hours... and hours... and hours. I'm hoping this little one will be able to fill in for me when I just can't play any more. Brady's already excited at the possibility of having someone to play Monopoly with him. It'll probably take a few years until we get to that level... and several excruiating games of Candy Land.

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Anonymous said...

oh god, you're probably never going to read this comment, but i'm actually hoping for what brady's hoping for! (this is jessi marcinek by the way) i haven't gotten to play a decent card game in years. jake won't play, not to mention monopoly. is it sad to simply have a child so i'll have someone to play with??