Monday, February 27, 2006

12 weeks, 5 days

Here it is... our baby's first picture. Just got back from a Dr.'s appt. and am quite overwhelmed, elated, anxious, emotional, etc... Our first ultrasound was quite an event - I was expecting to see more of an amorphous blob, rather than a full-fledged little person. But no, I have the cutest baby ever. She (no, we don't know yet - way too early) was dancing around, waving, kicking and generally making a spectacle for the camera (just like her dad). It was quite an experience. I definitely feel like the pregnancy is more real now that I got to see the little one. I guess it makes the last few months of feeling crappy not seem so bad.

p.s. if you're having trouble seeing the baby, she's lying on her back, knees bent with an arm over her head. she looks much more pregnant than i do...

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