Thursday, August 08, 2013

Cardiology Update

Rowan had her first cardiology visit in six months earlier today and all is well. She's now 7 1/2 months old and weighs in at 18 lbs, 3 oz and is 28 inches long. In other words, she's big. Her ECG was normal, as was her heart rate. We'll just continue to give her propranolol three times a day until sometime next year (unless her heart starts acting up), and then we'll revisit/look at weaning Rowan from medication. So not much has changed—we've just gotten used to having to give Rowan medication (which she hates) and we listen to her heart every day.

I talked to the Dr. about the branchial cleft cysts in Rowan's neck (the little holes I discovered a few months back), which are going to require surgery. She recommended that we have the procedure done at Primary Children's in SLC, just in case the surgery puts Rowan into tachycardia (high heart rate.)  I have been very unhappy with the ear, nose and throat doctor here so I'd rather make the trip down there to get this taken care of at a facility that I already know and love. We're getting a referral to a specialist down in SLC and we hope to see someone in the next month or so.

More to come. It's been a busy summer!!! And there's almost a month left...

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