Friday, January 11, 2013

The Switch

Our first week home has gone incredibly well, considering our circumstances. We received a call from cardiology on Tuesday that Rowan had been going into a high heart rate on and off all day. So they decided that we needed to switch medication. Luckily, it was to a drug that didn't require us to go back to the hospital. So now instead of digoxin, Rowan is now on propranolol 3x/day. She's still on the 24-hour monitor and the doctors have requested an extension on it (we originally had it for only 30 days) until we see a cardiologist in Pocatello on February 14. We're continuing to check her heart rate via stethoscope several times a day, but we haven't detected an abnormal heart rate so far, since she's only been going into it for a few seconds/minutes at a time.

She's feeding really well and is incredibly alert several times a day. She's been such a sweet baby! Let's just hope she can keep that heart under control... We have lots of snow here and I have no intention of going back to the hospital :-)

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