Monday, December 17, 2012

Hope this works...

I am currently having painful contractions that are two minutes apart. I have had my membranes stripped twice today in the hope that labor will start/continue on its own. If not, I am being induced tomorrow at 7:30 a.m.

We spent some extra time at the hospital this morning, as my blood pressure was elevated during my appointment. I had to be monitored for a few hours and have some blood drawn—everything was perfectly normal and I do not have pre eclampsia... thank goodness. I didn't really need one more thing to go wrong.

Brady and I are both so ready for this to be over. I miss my Ella. I miss my own bed. I'm not going to let this drag on. I wanted to avoid an induction at all costs, but my doctor doesn't think it will take much to get things moving along, if necessary. And Rowan doesn't need to stay in here any longer. We've given up on spending Christmas at home... but at least we can shoot for New Year's.


H. said...

excited and non-religiously praying for you!

jsc said...

rowan has arrived!!!!!!!!!!! i'm so excited and relieved for you! xoxOxoXOxoXoxXoOxO!