Wednesday, November 21, 2012

All Good News

Our appointments yesterday went very, very well. The OB didn't have any concerns with me coming back to stay after next Thursday (11/29) and so I have scheduled an ultrasound, NST, and exam for that morning. And the cardiologist was overjoyed with the function of Rowan's heart and doesn't see any need for us to see him again before delivery.

So, if everything stays as-is and I don't develop any complications, I will be allowed to go into labor on my own. But we'll just have to be prepared for an induction or c-section should Rowan's heart rate go up again. The cardiologist also mentioned that the baby will probably be able to stay in the NICU at my delivery hospital at first, rather than be transferred to PCMC immediately. This is a great relief to me, as I really don't want to be separated/wheeled to another hospital for feedings.

For now, it's all good news. We'll know more after next Thursday's appointment. In the meantime, we're spending Thanksgiving with our friends in SLC and will be back this weekend. It's all such a great relief. And hopefully the worst is behind us... :-)

Happy Thanksgiving!

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