Tuesday, November 06, 2012

34.5 Weeks

I haven't posted in a while because I have been feeling TERRIBLE. We've been waiting on the results for my flecainide level since last week  (I had blood drawn on Wednesday.) I'm hoping to reduce the amount I'm taking because my symptoms only seem to get worse. Hopefully we'll know by tomorrow.

I had another appointment this morning. I'm having a BPP (biophysical profile/ultrasound) each time and Rowan is still thriving. And I'm still losing weight. At this rate, I'll have gained less than 10 pounds for the whole pregnancy... and I gained 30 with Ella. Still, no one seems concerned.

In exactly two weeks, we'll be going down to Salt Lake City for good/until the baby is born. And I continue to be freaked out. Let's just say I'm unprepared.

On a happier note, Ella said the funniest thing this morning. While we were getting her ready for school, she said,"I can't have my hair look like this on Election Day!" :-)

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