Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Tuesday... One Week In

Today has been rough. Ella started first grade today. We were able to talk to her this morning to wish her luck and will be calling again soon to see how it went.

I had another fetal echo this morning and while the baby is stable, her heart rate is still consistently in the 220s and she has a little fluid in her abdomen. I have started on the sotalol today, as the digoxin wasn't having any effect (except making me lethargic.) we didn't start it earlier (as originally anticipated) as the doctors were hoping my digoxin level would go up. But it's remained constant for three days.

I'm still getting daily blood tests, EKGs, and ultrasounds. And not much has changed. The baby is still incredibly active. I still throw up every morning--with or without food. It's become a bit tricky, trying to time my medicine so I don't just puke it up :)

We were told today that we will be here at least through Friday, which is Ella's sixth birthday. I didn't take that very well. I hope we get to see her soon. Until then, I know she's in good hands (thanks dad) and she'll get a birthday party when we return... whenever that is.