Friday, September 07, 2012

Friday Update

We visited the cardiologist again this morning and Rowan's heartbeat is back in the normal range. It still has a strange rhythm, but it's pumping more efficiently. I started taking the half dose of sotalol yesterday and she seems to have responded. No one in the cardiology department has ever seen a fetus respond to such a low dose in such a short amount of time. We've been told that our case has been unique in many respects. Leave it to us to be the weird ones :-)

We will be proceeding cautiously with the same half dose and will see the cardiologist again tomorrow morning. If Rowan can maintain this rate, the fluid accumulation in her abdomen should dissipate. So right now, we're just hoping that nothing changes. I will continue to be monitored periodically and we'll be getting ultrasounds before each dose to confirm that Rowan's heart rate hasn't gone dangerously low.

We aren't in the clear yet, but we're possibly getting closer. More soon...


H. said...

!!! so glad to hear this

jsc said...

YES! baby rowan! <3