Wednesday, June 20, 2012

15 weeks... almost

I'm coming up on 15 weeks (in two days) and am hoping for some reprieve from my first trimester symptoms. Yes, I am still throwing up every day. Every. Single. Day. The only time I'm not nauseous is when I'm asleep (and even then...) I honestly don't remember being this tired when I was pregnant with Ella. Perhaps it's age, perhaps it's having more responsibility. In any case, it's getting old—fast.

Brady and I spent a week+ in DC while Ella entertained family in Montana. It was nice to get away, but it's nice to sleep in my own bed again. I really miss the city. The food is better, there's public transportation, and there's always something going on. I was able to visit a few museums (highlight was the Miro exhibit at the NGA), watch a movie at my favorite theater, and go to an amazing play. I stuffed myself on wonderful vegan food (there are so many great options now!), and didn't get dirty looks when I asked for my food to come without cheese.

Ella got to spend a few weeks with family and I'm sure they're all now enjoying some peace and quiet without her. That girl can talk!!! It's nice to have her back—it's amazing how much she's grown up in such a short time. She can read just about anything and I love having her read me a bedtime story every night :-) We just received Ella's teacher assignment at the public school across the street. She'll be in a mixed-grade classroom (1st—3rd), which will probably be a good transition from Montessori. We'll miss Montessori, but we've heard good things about her new school and you can't be the price or location, especially with another baby on the way. I just can't believe my curly-haired girl is going to be in first grade!!!!!

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