Sunday, December 21, 2008

More snow!

Our first tree... ever!
Closeup of the tree.
Ella in her princess boots!
Reading with Uncle Trouble.
Pretty pink toes... gotta keep busy when it's COLD outside!

It seems the snow has finally stopped—after nearly a foot on the ground in a place that claims to never get snow. Our road is not plowed (and I don't think it will be... at least it wasn't last time), the gazebo in our back yard collapsed, and the drivers here are a bit crazy (crazy slow, that is), but other than that... the snow is just fine with me!

We just finished painting the last room in the house. It seemed to take forever, but we were 90% of the way there for the last few months and just had to finish up the living room with its insanely high ceilings. Thank goodness somebody is tall in this family (not me)! Look for house pictures coming up soon.

We also put up our tree (a few weeks ago, really)... it's our first ever. We don't even have enough ornaments to decorate the whole thing, but that didn't stop us. We will be having a house full of guests by Wednesday (if the weather cooperates)... it will be me, Brady, Ella, Wessley, Chris + Nancy (their parents), my dad, and my brother Andrew. I can't wait!

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