Monday, August 04, 2008

On the move

As I write, our house is being packed up. It’s an absolute mess of boxes and tape… all to be picked up sometime tomorrow morning. The rest of the week will be spent cleaning up and saying goodbye to everyone here in DC. We leave on Friday, August 8 and arrive at our new house sometime on Saturday, August 16. Here’s our schedule.

Friday, August 8: Pittsburgh, PA
Saturday, August 9: Chicago, IL
Sunday, August 10: Minneapolis, MN
Monday, August 11: Bismarck, ND
Tuesday, August 12: Bozeman, MT
Wednesday, August 13: Missoula, MT + Thompson Falls, MT
Thursday, August 14: Thompson Falls, MT
Friday, August 15: Thompson Falls, MT + Spokane, WA
Saturday, August 16: Port Orchard, WA—our new home!

A week in the car with Ella should be an interesting experiment. I’m sure we’ll all be ready to have a little time apart when the whole thing is over. I’ll have my computer on the road and hope to take lots of silly photos of bizarre roadside attractions and Ella screaming in the back seat. I should have internet access from time to time, so keep checking the blog for updates.

Hope to see you soon on the best coast!

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