Sunday, February 24, 2008

My little girl is still little.

I'm getting a few complaints that my posts are not as frequent as they once were. Things are just a bit busy around here. But I assure that Ella is still little and still very cute. For more updates, keep reading.

Last week, we met with our realtor and have decided to put our house up on the market in March. We'll be heading to the West coast in June/July. So... in the meantime, I need to get this house CLEAN so potential buyers won't notice the complete lack of storage in this place. Or that not all of the walls are square. But if that's the worst of it, I guess it's not so bad. We also need to find a place west of Seattle. Like now. But we don't have time to fly out there to check it out just yet. We're stuck looking at online listings, oohing and aahing at the prospect of buying a house 2-3 times larger than the one we're in (with a yard!) for only half the cost. Yay! The plan is to get out there sometime in the next few months to look in person, but it is dependent on Brady's work schedule (work, schmirk). Long story short: yes, we're still moving. When? Sometime this summer.

Also in the last week—Ella started using the toilet as it was intended. That's right, two craps in the latrine. Woohoo!!! She's pretty predictable in the morning, so I've started putting her on it. Seems to be working. I refuse (REFUSE!) to buy one of those portable potties. I am not cleaning that up. I may as well have her going on the floor... That's what I'm saying now—we'll see what really happens. I just find the idea of it absolutely appalling. So I got a mini toilet seat to put on the not-so-mini toilet seat—that seems to fit her just right!

Ella is also using more words—blue, moo, rawr, choo choo, yellow, red, ouch, Ella, etc.—but seems to like to say "mama" whenever she wants something... no matter who she is talking to. It was cute at first, but is getting a little annoying. Sometimes she says please, which now sounds like "meeeee" and that gets her just about anything she wants 'cause it's so cute. :-)

Want more photos? They're right here >

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jsc said...

oh my!!!! this is SUCH exciting news!!!! moving to the west coast! holllaaaaaaaaa! and of course, i love that ella is using the crapper as she should! :) ella ella monkey butt!