Sunday, January 27, 2008

Under the Knife

Tomorrow, Brady will be getting surgery on his right knee... for the second time. The first was on January 13, 2006. It's funny that we remember the date, but it was also the day that I found out for sure—absolutely sure—that I was pregnant. I took a test at the hospital right before he went into surgery and got the results right before visiting him in the recovery room. This time around will probably be a bit different. We'll be heading to Ft. Meade in the morning and Brady's surgery will be around 1 pm. His recovery will be much longer than the last time around, as the damage is more significant. He has a complex tear on his lateral meniscus, as well as a cyst that is causing his knee to be swollen. It only took 8 months of appointments to get him to surgery, so I'm glad he'll have some relief in the near future! :-)

Wish us luck!!!

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H.P.S. said...

I hope it went uhhh as well as something like that can go... maybe rest and relaxation (if painkillers allow for proper relaxation) will be the silver lining...