Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Still working like mad. Not much time to post updates. Blah, blah, blah. But here are a few for you...

1. Ella took a few steps today—several different times. She's scared of walking on her own but is seemingly capable. Let's give it a few days.

2. Ella really likes spinning around on her butt on the hard wood floor. It makes her giggle.

3. Rennell brought Ella home from the park today covered in dirt. It was so funny that I nearly cried. I took lots of photos (on flickr) and gave her quite the scrubbing.

4. Ella likes to have conversations with just about anyone who will give her attention. If you listen carefully, you'll catch a few words here and there. She asks lots of questions. We usually answer, "yes." I hope she doesn't hold us to it.

5. Brady is still away for work and we REALLY miss him.

6. Ji Sun has been staying with us for almost two weeks (which has been lovely). She's leaving on Friday and we're REALLY going to miss her.

7. Making a list is much easier than writing in paragraphs.


jsc said...

awwww, i already miss you both!

jsc said...