Sunday, September 02, 2007

Non-Labor Day Weekend

It has been an exciting weekend so far... and there's another day left! Yay! On Friday, we met Brady down at work and went to the country club (long story) and swam while Brady golfed. Ella got into the big pool for the first time and LOVED it!!!!! She kicked a lot and flirted with the older kids.

Afterwards, we had a yummy dinner (I made stuffed peppers) and a fattening chocolate/peanut butter concoction I made up for dessert. Wessley (aka Uncle Trouble) showed up on Saturday afternoon... after a disappointing game (read: Brady won) of Scrabble, we headed to Jackie's for an early dinner. We left Ella and Wessley at home and Brady and I went to a play to celebrate our 7th anniversary (!!!)... we saw Private Lives in the tiniest theatre ever. It was great!

Ella slept in until after 7 this morning (thank you!) and then we all went for a run. The weather was/is fantastic and not at all humid. Finally! After a day of shopping (the farmer's market and downtown), everyone is now sleeping... except for me, of course. I've got to take every opportunity to get a few things done...

I suppose I should also take the time to update everyone one what Ella is up to these days. She's still not walking on her own, but cruises around every piece of furniture and climbs the stairs at least a dozen times a day (usually more). She still waves at everyone and likes to nod (and at appropriate times... perhaps she really knows more than we give her credit for) and clap her hands and say "yay!" (mostly for herself). Ella also says Mama and Dada regularly (mostly Dada) and has a few other words, too... like "boom!"—which came from one of her favorite books. She likes to pretend to fall over and say "BOOM!"... so very cute :-) She can also quack like a duck, something I taught her to say while taking a bath (with her rubber duckie). But most of the time, Ella just babbles in her own language, which may be English... she's just not using words we understand, at least not yet :-)

Oh, and Ella now has five (5!) teeth... and counting!

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