Thursday, July 12, 2007

Knits and Kicks

On Tuesday, Ji Sun taught me how to knit!!! So exciting. Now, I am working on my first project (a scarf - big surprise) with yarn I brought back from Iceland. I'm having so much fun!

Also, I just bought a new pair of kicks and have to tell everyone about the great deal I got at FREE overnight shipping. Yup. I bought them yesterday and now they're here. AND, they fit. Lovely!

Ella and I are preparing (she's actually not much help) to fly out to Montana on Saturday. Brady's flying to Idaho that same day for work, so we're taking the opportunity to visit everyone out West. I. Can't. Wait. We'll be there until next Friday. Yahoooooo!


wayne and marilyn said...

have a great time in T.Falls. tell everyone Hi for us

H.P.S. said...

1. LOVE the shoes
2. Your stitches look very even - excellent work!!

ji sun said...

you picked up the knitting skills mad quick, girrrrrrrl! way to go!