Thursday, June 28, 2007

It Begins...

This week has been HOT and NASTY. It is currently 91 degrees at almost 7pm. Ella and I have been trying to stay inside, as we are very limited to what we can do outdoors. In weather like this, the only things to do outside are:
a) sweat
b) find shade (or better yet, air conditioning)
c) commiserate with others about the nastiness of the weather.

So... we walked around the Wheaton Mall a bit this morning (and bought NOTHING - yay!), met Brady for lunch at the Navy Yard, and then (after a nap for Ella) walked around Union Station with thousands of weary travelers.

We are now hanging out at home, waiting to hear whether or not Brady will be coming home tonight. He's now at the airport — his flight to Dallas was cancelled due to severe storms. I'm (not-so) secretly hoping he gets stuck at home with us for the weekend. While I know he'd have a wonderful time at the bachelor's party with all of his buddies, I wouldn't mind having him around the house for a few days :-)

I hope this finds you all well... and out of the heat!

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