Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day!

It has been a LONG week! Brady has been gone since last Saturday morning and I can't wait for him to get back. Brady will be spending most of his first Father's Day flying back from Hawaii. He gets into DC tomorrow morning and I am anxiously awaiting his return. Ella and I have been keeping busy, but the weather is about to turn hot and nasty again so we'll have to find a few indoor activities that don't make Ella crabby.

On Thursday, I took Ella to the Museum of Natural History. While I enjoyed it, this is NOT my favorite museum. Why? Taxidermy. Lots and lots of taxidermy. I'm not fond of dead animals. I find them incredibly creeping and a bit frightening - even in a museum setting. There's just something unsettling about their glassy eyes, which seem to follow my every move. But, we had a great time - Ella loves to watch all of the little kids - and this museum has lots of them. Afterward, we shared a pear and some O's near the fountain in the sculpture garden.

On Saturday, we went up to downtown Silver Spring. There was a small festival going on with music and dancing, which Ella found very interesting. But her favorite was watching the little kids run through the fountain. Someday, she'll be out there too!

She's still crawling and climbing - getting into everything. It wears me out! She likes to cruise along the furniture... but ever so slowly. She's been talking a lot more and prefers to say "dada" or "daddy"... perhaps she's missing Brady, too :-)

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