Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The DC Experience

It is getting increasingly difficult to stay cooped up in the house with Ella on days I don't work (Tuesdays, Thursdays, and most Fridays)... and since it's already too hot to spend much time outside, we visited the National Gallery of Art this morning (thanks for the idea Ji Sun!). Ella and I walked from Gallery Place/Chinatown down 7th street to the gallery. She was sooooo happy to be going somewhere! We were able to spend nearly an hour there before I decided that we should leave BEFORE someone got crabby. The exhibit on European Master Drawings was interesting and made me want to start drawing again! Then we walked through the underground concourse to the East wing... stopping along the way at the kids' section of one of the gift shops. There, I spotted something I HAD to have - a tiny Sunprint kit. I remember using these when I was a kid. They're so simple, but lots of fun. I can't wait to try it again.

After leaving the gallery, we walked through the sculpture garden and Ella soaked her feet in the fountain. She LOVED it! Then back up 9th Street, where we had to wait a LONG time to cross Pennsylvania Avenue because of the largest motorcade I have ever witnessed... and I have been here for nearly six years. Dozens of cars, dozens of policemen (on foot, in cars and on motorcycles), and loud sirens. What a waste of taxpayer money (that's another subject.)

We're finally home and little Ella is taking a nap. She was incredibly good the entire time and didn't cry or even whine once! If only she could do that every day...

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ji sun sun fun said...

yes!!! i'm so glad you had such a fun day!