Thursday, June 21, 2007

Another Thursday with Ella!!!!!

Ella's just waking up from her nap after an eventful day. Ji Sun stayed with us last night (yay!) and this morning we went for a nice walk through the neighborhood. Later on, Ella and I went back down to the National Gallery, as I wanted to take a look at the Foto exhibit. But right as we got there, Ella decided that she had seen WAY TOO MUCH art this week and shrieked and sobbed until we left. So, I spent all of about 30 seconds in there, which was better than nothing.

She was fine once we got outside. We ate some O's at the Sculpture Garden again, and then walked over to the Castle and around the mall before making our way back to Chinatown for the Metro. She enjoyed all of the tourists and their ill-behaved children... they made her giggle :-)

I've discovered that as long as she is getting attention from someone, she's happy. Unfortunately, I'm not included in this "someone" category. So, if she can charm an unsuspecting stranger into smiling at her, we're golden. What a flirt! Oh, boy... we're in for it!

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H.P.S. said...

I like how in the top photo Ella is waving with her foot. Too Cute!