Monday, May 21, 2007

The Neighborhood

Yesterday, we went to a potluck down the street for residents in Takoma DC (not to be confused with Takoma Park, MD). It was great to finally meet some of our neighbors. We have been wondering for quite some time who could actually afford a house in this area - the answer is middle-aged couples... and they purchased their houses many, many years ago. Maybe someday we'll have a porch and a back yard... but for now, we're learning to love the condo.

At the party, we met another couple with an 11-month-old named James. Ella wasn't sure what to think of him, but she was pretty jealous of his mad crawling abilities, as well as his six (SIX!) teeth. She also couldn't understand why he got to eat grown up food and she was stuck with her pasty cereal. Soon, Ella, soon. We also heard about a group of moms with babies that gets together once a week - hopefully we can make it. I know that Ella needs a little more interaction with people her size. I can just see her commiserating with the wee ones about going to bed early, lack of sugar in her diet, getting her nose wiped... :-)

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