Sunday, May 13, 2007

Fit for a Queen

Last month, I decided to buy Ella a crib. Up until then, she had been sleeping in her pack-and-play... but it became apparent that she had outgrown her little cage of a bed. She's rather active in her sleep and always found herself in a corner. So, I found a lovely used Pali crib (which converts to a toddler bed) on I drove nearly 30 miles roundtrip to take a look at the thing and decided it would be just perfect. It came from a lovely family with three boys (3-year-old twins and a 5-year-old). The mother was very sad to see it go, but glad it was going to get some good use. The next day, her husband delivered it to our door. Fantastic!

I have finally put it all together - a crib skirt and bumper from Ebay (I LOVE Ebay. Did you know that my first purchase ever on Ebay was my wedding dress?), and handmade sheets from Etsy (a wonderful online marketplace for all things handmade). Voila! I hope she likes it as much as I do :-)

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