Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Poor Baby... An Update

Poor little Ella is having a hard time right now. She's finally fallen asleep for a nap after about 15 minutes of screaming. The problem: teething. It seems she's been teething for several months now and we don't even have one tooth to show for it all. I feel so bad for the little munchkin. She likes to bite on anything and everything she can find - my fingers, my hair, her pacifier, rattles, keys... I just hope she gets a tooth sometime soon!

At least she's happy most of the time. Though she no longer wakes up laughing, Ella does talk to herself in the morning to let us know she's awake - usually around 6:30 a.m. Then when I go to get her, she smiles and laughs and then sticks her fat little face in my neck and rubs her eyes. We go into the bathroom and look at Brady getting ready for work and she turns on the charm - so happy to see him. Sometimes he gets her in the mornings, brings her in to see me, and I have the pleasure of bringing a smile to her face... it's almost as if she's been waiting all night just to see us. And that makes me so incredibly thankful to have such a silly little girl to wake up to each morning.

Ella has been enjoying her expanded selection of foods. I'm not sure why anyone decided to call them solids, because they are anything but solid... We've been giving her carrots, peas, sweet potatoes, pears, and her favorite... apples. We're trying to keep everything organic and have found a few brands we like - Earth's Best and Happy Baby (really cool because it comes frozen in trays - like ice cubes). She's still eating cereal once a day, as well. And we've finally figured out the portions. It seems we were overfeeding her when we first went to "solids". Ella was just overly enthusiastic about her new diet and I let her have what she wanted. Now we've cut back a bit - which means less nasty diapers! Thank goodness for that!

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