Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Out on the Town

Ella and I went for quite the stroll today. We started out taking the metro to Farragut North and walking to Java Green, where we met Heidi and ordered some tasty food (I got the Chicken Java Panini and Pink Lady Frappe). Then we hiked up to Dupont Circle, spread out a blanket and enjoyed our lunch. We were soon joined by Katie and had a grand old time. It was such a beautiful day! Ella ate some carrots and then got a little cranky, as it was nap time. Originally, I was going to take her up to the zoo... but I figured she'd sleep through it and I didn't need to see the zoo. So... I decided we'd look at some different kinds of animals - ones who can dress themselves.

It was quite a people watching experience. Every time I go downtown, I am shocked at the terrible outfits some people piece together. Sadly, the worst offenders are women. Shoulder pads are not going to make a comeback, so put them away... for good! And if you can't walk without a limp in your high heels, then maybe you ought not to be wearing them. Also, it's 70 degrees out there - a little warm for a full length fur coat, you'd think. I could go on and on. At least I was entertained. And Ella did not fall asleep. In fact, she's still awake at 4:30 pm and has been since 10:00 am. She has got to be TIRED! Poor thing.

We ended our walk at the Verizon Center (about 2 miles, I figure), under a humongous advertisement for Will Ferrell's new movie, Blades of Glory. It looks so bad that it will have to be good :-) Then we hopped on the metro back to good old Takoma Park. I am exhausted!

Back to work tomorrow.

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