Tuesday, March 06, 2007


I just had to write that. I really hate how you can make pseudo words just by adding -tastic or -errific. But I'm doing it anyway.

Today, Ella had her 6-month check up and everything went well. She's been struggling with a bit of a cold for the last few days, but seems to be on the mend. Her cough/whimper combination is still a bit heartbreaking. But I think she may be trying to "milk" it for all it's worth... so to speak.

Ella is now weighing in at 16 pounds and is a little over 26 inches long! Wow - she's grown 7 inches in 6 months!!!! She's still sleeping through the night, from 10 to 11 hours. It's great! (knock on wood) The next big thing is that we're going to start feeding her real (read: pureed, pasteurized, and rendered unrecognizable) food. I decided to give her a little this afternoon - just to see if she liked it. The short answer is yes, Ella loves her carrots. She just doesn't understand why they don't come in a continuous stream and would like it very much if I could find a way to feed them to her FASTER! Oh, this is gonna be fun :-)

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